Father in the name of Jesus the Christ

I prophesy to every single person here, whether they have their wallet here or not, I prophesy to these finances death to debt.  And Father I give a time period now, because father I am quite fed-up of the spirit of poverty, and father I release upon these people a divine acceleration of finances that finances shall be settled super naturally, debt  shall be settled super naturally.

You need to snatch while I’m praying because it’s God speaking.

And I give a time period in the spirit realm.  That over the next twelve months you will see the fine super natural debt being settled by your behalf says the spirit of the Lord. I hear the Lord say I don’t need you help I don’t need your help, I will do this for only Me shall get the glory and I will not share my glory, I will not share my glory.

So I prophesy over you as my people this morning, there shall be twelve months season now from this day says the spirit of the Lord I announce twelve months from this day forward in the name of Jesus the Christ, where debt shall start to be settled super naturally in every area of your life. And Father I rebuke the spirit of poverty I rebuke the spirit that want to steal, kill and destroy my people and you shall leave them in this day alone

And Lord I release over them the word of the Lord they shall have exceedingly, abundantly, above they shall be the head and not the tail. They shall be blessed to be a blessing, and Lord I position each and every one of them now that is under my care, Lord I position them now in the spiritual and in the natural Lord because everything happens in the spiritual first, Lord I position each and every one now to be a blessing to be a recipient of that what you already release Lord. And I pray that every one of them shall receive this word Lord and as it is in Heaven so it shall be on earth.  And if you believe what I just prophesied take that and give God a mighty shout of praise this morning.

For there is many of you here says the spirit of the Lord that you trusted for your children, and so says God unto you that every pray that you prayed was heard.  There is many of you here that trusted God for your Children that trusted God for your children’s salvation.

And if I be a man of God this says the Lord; do not fear dot not be dismayed, do not be anxious for they shall be saved.  What has been kept back unto now shall be removed in this hour. For I will show myself unto them for your prayers was not in-vane though it was tuff though it was hard, though you needed to be persistent though it was not in-vain, not one tear was in-vane not one prayer I recorded all of that.

There shall be deliverance in this hour to them says the God, and I will visit them, and I will work with them, and I will deal with them yes I will.  And they will come to my light for your sake for your behalf because you prayed because you asked. So know this says God for every parent in this house none of you children shall perish, I give you this promise none of them shall perish.

For I announce 12 months of acceleration for you,  there will be 12 months of acceleration in the physical in the spiritual and  in the natural, I announce for this house 12 months of acceleration. You will see it with every area of your life, you will see it with your children you will see it with you marriage you will see it with your  relationship you will see it with your finances, you will see it in every, every area of your life 12 months of acceleration.

For I am positioning you as my church says the Lord I positioning you as my people, I’m positioning you as my people. You shall know it’s me because it shall happen suddenly, yes it will happen suddenly. One day you will still walk in a certain way and the next day you shall walk exceedingly blessed.  And I see the Lord say; don’t judge this word because you don’t understand what I am about to say, but I see the Lord releasing houses I see the Lord releasing vehicles I see the Lord releasing listen again God wants me to repeat it again I see the Lord releasing houses I see the Lord releasing vehicles I see the Lord releasing bursaries to those who study, I see all dept.’s been paid off all dept.’s been paid off.

Some of you in this place will receive phone calls from people telling you your dept. has been paid don’t worry about it. But be expected form this day be expected every time that phone of yours give you a signal says the Lord every time it gives you an sms every time be expected that it might be me. Be expected that I have might just made a deposit, be expected that I have just made a transfer, be expected says God be expected.

For faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence things not seen. But so I say to you I release it to you in the spiritual realm for so the only thing you need to do is to believe, believe Me believe Me believe Me. For you shall be called blessed you shall be called blessed.

Those that remain at this place says God there will be an exhilaration of 12 months upon their life’s 12 months of divine acceleration. There will be 12 months of acceleration I announce it as a prophet in this place, by the authority delegated to me by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords 12 months is announced from this day in Jesus name.

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