And Lord I prophesy once again that this parliament of South Africa shall be known as a parliament that brings forth and proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord of all. And father I thank you that I can see that man that you have prepared and father I prophesy that again into the atmosphere that there shall be a man that will rule over our nation, South Africa, that will be a man after God’s heart. He shall lead our people back into freedom, back into freedom, back into freedom. Our houses will not look like prisons, our children will play in the streets Lord and there will be abundance in the land. For we proclaim over the nation of South Africa, abundance shall be in the land. Where there has been dry places, it shall turn into a fruitful place. Where there has been lack there will be an abundance. Where there has been no rain, there shall come rain. Where the famers have not been able to harvest, an abundance in harvest shall come. Father we proclaim that the year of the Lord is upon our nation. We proclaim that Jesus Christ has come upon this nation. We proclaim revival in the churches in the nation of South Africa. We proclaim revival in the schools, revival in the universities, revival in the families.
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