For I see an unusual movement coming to the east side of this nation says the Lord. From the east to the north, there shall be an uprising. And I will go to your young people of this nation says the spirit of the Lord and I will start with the young ones, yes I will and there where they have huddled together and have planned their plans in secret to destroy and disrupt the destiny of this nation, I will bring them suddenly into the light says the Lord. For the plans and the purposes of Satan over this nation shall be known in this hour and I will open up every secret plan and I will go to the one at the top as I have promised you, says the Lord and yes I will, I will unveil my plan over this nation. For there will be an uprising in the young people and it will not be to the detriment of this nation nor for the destruction. For there is a hunger and there is a thirst that has been reaching my ear says the Spirit of God, a hunger, a thirst and a cry out that says we want revival over our nation. And so I say to you, there will be a movement from the east to the north of this nation and I will sweep across your nation like a mighty wave, I will go and I will visit your schools, and I will visit your high schools and I will visit your universities. For there where they have said they will take the heart in the secret chambers of this nation, there I will come and display their plans, openly, in the newspapers, yes I will. And I say to you in this night, do not fear, do not fear, do not fear, for he that wanted to touch the heart of this nation will not be able to, for I am working behind the scenes with a secret plan, yes I am. For I tell you the truth, the prayers and the availing of the saints have reached my ears and I will not tarry says the Lord, no I will not. Destruction will not be the portion of South Africa. And so I prophesy to the four winds of the nation says the Spirit of God. There will not be bloodshed, there will not be destruction, and your rand will not plummet until it plummets where it cannot be strengthened anymore, for I have a secret plan that I am going to introduce in this hour, for I am putting my man into place says the God and he will rule over your nation. And I will secretly move in your parliament and in your chambers of commerce, yes I will. New ideas will come to this nation that will bring prosperity to the four corners of this nation like never before. And prosperity will come, yes it will, for I will raise up a young people in this hour that will be full of prosperity, that will be full of blessing, that will be full of fire, that will be full of power says the Spirit of God. For I am tired of hearing the innocent bloodshed of those that are innocent in this nation says the Lord. For I will move upon your nation, yes I will, do not fear, do not fear, do not fear. Do not lend your ears out to what some say, do not let your ears out to what they say, but listen to me says the Spirit of God, my plans is to prosper you and to bring your health, to bring you wealth and to bring you life and life abundantly. And I will rise up in this hour and I will strike down the dragon from the east says the Spirit of the Lord. For there where the dragon is coming from the east secretly, I will reveal him in this hour, and I will bring his plan open into the newspaper, so that all may see that there is a God in heaven that listens to the outcry of his people, that he listens to the prayer of the saints. For even if one man agrees with me says the Spirit of God, I will move upon your nation. Truly as I have said to you, whatever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven. And so I say to you, I loosen a new season upon your nation. Will I not tell my prophets in this hour what I want to do in this nation? Will I not reveal my secrets to them? For I say to you this is not the hour of destruction, this is not the hour of dismay; this is not the hour where evil will rule the day, no it will not for there will be an uprising. It will be right across this nation. They will say how can we stop this, how can we quench this, how can we put a line on this, they will know they cannot stop me and they cannot stop my movement, they cannot stop what I start in the heart of my people, for surely I say to you, revival has come upon your nation. Behold and see that the Lord is good. Start to give thanks, start to rejoice for I tell you, destruction will not be the order of the day, life and life abundantly will be. For as I say through Songs of Solomon, your winter has passed, your summer has come, the risen Son has risen upon you now and have hope, cast your hope upon me, for I am about to do something extraordinary in your nation. Again I say, do not fear, do not fear, do not fear, do not fear, for my plan for this hour shall prevail says the Lord of hosts, in Jesus name, Amen and Amen.
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