For this day says the Lord is a day of inheritance. I see a banner in the Spirit and I hear the Lord say, I have remembered you. I have remembered you in this day, for your cries and your prayers has come up as a memorial before Me and in this day I take note of you says the Lord. This known day I take note of that that was stolen, that was taken, the betrayal, the rejection, the sting of mankind. So I say to you, says the Lord, that in this day, if you will believe the Word of My Voice, if you will believe that I am still I Am, if you will still believe that My Word is True that it has to perform that what I send it forth to do. So I send My Word over every situation over your life. My Spirit hovers now over My Word and it waits for My instruction. For I am the Lord, I am the Lord. I will not allow these foreigners in your midst says the Lord. I will not allow these foreign entities of a spiritual nature in your midst any longer. For I have opened up My Book of Memory on behalf of you in this day.

So I say to you, do not fear, do not fear what comes by night nor by day. Do not fear about tomorrow or the day thereafter. For in this day says the Lord, if you believe My Voice and listen, I will repay back, I will restore, I will resurrect, I will recover, I will bring back to life. Have I stopped bringing life? Have I stopped being the resurrection? Have I stopped being the Power? Have I stopped being the Authority? Have I stopped being the One that Is and Was and Will Be? Have I ever stopped ruling? Have I ever stopped judging? Have I ever stopped being the Creator? I have never stopped says the Lord! So in this day I make war for you and I declare war on behalf of you. Even as I speak says the Lord, I am sending forth a host that will war on your behalf, that will fight on your behalf. And they will walk into your houses and they will come to your workplaces and they will go where your children is at. They will go where you live and they will be there on My instruction says the Lord. Carriers of Light. Messengers of Light, sent forth to do the will of the Lord. I send them as I speak. For not an arrow by day nor the terror by night shall harm My people. For I say to you South Africa, your day of reckoning, your day of visitation, your day of encounter has arrived. For I had enough says the Lord of hosts. I have had enough of these spirits that steal, kill and destroy. For there has been a remnant that has been crying out to Me day and night and the blood of the innocent is calling out to Me. I say to you South Africa, you shall live. You shall live, you shall live. So I say to you My child, this day, believe Me, trust Me. That what you have heard of Me is right. Trust Me now. Come with Me now. Walk with Me now. I will lead you into paths of righteousness, in paths of joy, in paths of peace. I Am the I AM.

It is not because you are good, it is because I am good. It is because you are loved, deeply so. Nor height, nor depth, nor width, nor angels, nor demons, nor principalities, nor powers, will separate you from My Love.












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